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Meet our Founders, Fast Lion, Golden Crown, Happy Storm, and Zany Joker!

Check out our founder's Poptropicans! These profiles update to what the Poptropican is currently wearing!

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Golden Crown

Golden Crown has a preferable name, as you may have noticed. He has a tendency to battle other Poptropicans in the arcade game 'Soupwords'. Golden Crown prefers puzzle islands over action.

Founder's quote: "Grim Reaper Bones." (Don't ask)

Golden Crown uses teleporters, and a result is that the Poptropica database says he has defeated some islands more than once. The islands he actually has defeated more than once are listed here.

Fast Lion

Fast Lion is not a total brag like Golden Crown. For instance, crowns are totally useless. All they do is sit there on some big snob's head while they gather dust and cost money. And since Golden Crown keeps nagging Fast Lion, her favorite island is Early Poptropica.

Happy Storm

Happy Storm is a major Little Monster on the inside even if it doesn't always show on the outside.  She also loves to break out into song frequently. Happy Storm's favorite island is Twisted Thicket, and prefers puzzle islands over action.

Zany Joker


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