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Welcome to our super easy-to-use and lightning fast cheats navigation page for Poptropica!

Some cheats/Easter Eggs are older, and therefore are image files instead of text. But why waste?


  1. Cheat Codes

    Control+Shift+R (or F6) = Randomize your Poptropican. (Handheld item may or may not be acquired)

    Control+Shift+S= Change your skin tone (color)

    Control+Shift+H= Change your hair color

    Control+Shift+P= Put on a Pumpkin Mask

    F12= A white bar appears at the bottom of the Poptropica game window. You may type in it. Enter will erase all other text you have wiritten, Delete/Backspace with erase the previous letter you have typed. Use the up and down arrows to toggle between previously typed things erased with Enter Key.

    Emotes- Can be done anywhere, even outsite of Multiplayer rooms

    Control+Shift+1= Your Poptropican will do the laughing emote

    Control+Shift+2= Your Poptropican cries (Boo-hoo)

    Control+Shift+3= Your Poptropican gets so angry his/her head pops off!

    Control+Shift+4= Your Poptropican jumps happily into the air

    Control+Shift+F4= A buch of random characters appear in the corner of the screen. You can browse Poptropica SWFs. (This one hasn't worked for me)


  2. How to Get Hypnotic Members Only Item FREE WITHOUT MEMBERSHIP!

  3. Standing on a Rope

    1. Climb up any rope in Poptropica

    2. Preform any emote. (CTRL+SHIFT+1,2,3, or 4)

    3. Ta-da! You're standing on a rope!

    (Image from PoptriopicaHelpBlog)

  4. Spinning on a Helicopter

    1. Hop up ontop of the Wayside Motel in Reality TV Island. (If you already have the helicopter there)

    2. Jump onto the helecopter blade and enjoy the ride!

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Easter Eggs

  1. Nabooti Cell Phone Codes

    Type these Phone #s into your Nabooti Cell Phone. (Collected in the Mountains of the Moon)

    1225= Santa hat and brown present pack

    911= Call the police!(Make yourself an officer)

    411= Get information!(Give yourself a giant brain hat)

    1337= Dress as Comic Kid, or Ned Noodlehead

  2. Holding Black Juice and Holding Glow Stick

  3. Invisible Platform and Santa Phone Code

  4. Holding Fire Stick

    This one's really similar to Holding Glow Stick:

    2.Put on your Glider and then go to the vikings' time.

    3.Enter the cave.

    4.You should be holding a fire stick.

    5.Take off your Glider.

    6.Leave the cave.

    7.You should still be holding the fire stick.


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